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I knew that rainbow meant something #potofgold

Golden Lighting recognized John Ingles and the TLS team as Sales Rep of the Month for June 2018. Here's what Golden Lighting had to say:

This month, we are honoring John Ingles of The LightSource as our Sales Representative of the Month! John Ingles is well-known in the industry for his intelligence, personality, and his business savvy. The LightSource has represented the Golden Lighting brand for 5 years. Of his experience with Golden, John said, “My partner and friend, Jon Healy, and I have been enjoying the ride and growth with Golden Lighting and our customers.”

The LightSource covers all of New York, Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey. We asked John how he got started in the industry. John said, “About 20 years ago, my uncle, Ron Ingles, represented a few of the major lighting companies that we know today. Taking into consideration his future retirement, along with my extensive retail sales experience, he recruited me into the industry. I have been principal of the LightSource for 18 years.”

You can count on John Ingles to be a straight-talker. We asked him about his favorite part of the job and he told us, “Call me old fashioned, but I still get a thrill out of closing the deal…#highfive!” John has been in lighting sales for a long time, so of course he has insights regarding the industry. We asked him about 2018 lighting trends and he said, “I see a return to vintage styles, but with a ‘soft industrial’ twist. Think sleek lines and starbursts in gold and bronze. Modern LED lighting will continue to trend as well. And let’s not forget lighting combined with the latest modern technology.”

John is well-known as a sales rep, but we wanted to know more about his personal life. We asked John what he does in his spare time and he was quick to say, “I love spending time with my two daughters, Samantha and Jacqueline.” John continued by telling us, “I am definitely an outdoor person. I enjoy everything from the beach, to volleyball to a good old-fashioned BBQ with family and friends…Sunsets…Bourbon…and my dog Snoop.”

Congratulations, John, and thank you for partnering with Golden! We look forward to many more years of growth!"

John and his daughters.

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