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Hammerton - Custom Spotlight: Contemporary Designs

Levi Wilson, Hammerton's founder and VP Design, likes to say that as a custom lighting manufacturer Hammerton is fundamentally in the business of solving client problems. To accomplish that over our 25-year history, the company has marched in lockstep with evolving design trends.

As a young regional start-up in the 1990’s Hammerton met the mountain west’s insatiable demand for nature-inspired lighting, with bold custom executions in hand-forged steel and exquisitely crafted organic motifs. However in 2020 we are a vastly different company addressing a very different set of client problems. Today, most of our custom design work embraces the clean lines and straightforward geometries of contemporary style, and our material palette now includes artisan blown and cast glass, woods, LED technology and more.

Take a look below at Hammerton’s custom solutions to some recent client challenges.

Wood Wonder: Inspired by a small pendant turned out of single piece of wood, this sleek 18”D drum applies a clean wood veneer to a steel body with a contrasting interior finish. A unique two-tone/two materials approach adds contemporary warmth and visual interest to an otherwise very simple contemporary design.

Crossing The Line: A dramatically different execution in wood and steel, this 42”W linear suspension feels reminiscent of midcentury style. While the slim profile and curving lines would be difficult to accomplish entirely in wood, this clever LED design elevates the steel structure to a decorative element.

High Beam: We’re often asked to source unusual objects to incorporate in specialty lighting designs. For a car-themed restaurant, we sourced a vintage headlight cowling to create the cost-effective sconce design shown above, replacing the 12v automotive bulb with a dimmable LED to create a vintage automobile headlight sconce.

Talking Point: Designed to hang above a very large conference table, this 96”W fixture represents a popular Hammerton design at 2X scale. A fine mesh diffuser softens the visual weight of the fixture and complements the urban industrial vibe of the space.

Magical Mesh: Woven steel mesh is one of our favorite materials at Hammerton because it simultaneously pairs strength with softness, volume with airiness, and simplicity with sophistication — all in a manner that transcends its utilitarian nature. In addition to softening the visual weight of a light, mesh can also effectively hide the fixture’s inner workings while adding textural interest. This large-scale custom design feature various types of mesh as the signature material.

Crystal Gist: Organically textured kiln-fired glass creates a unique design that gives a modern twist to the classic crystal chandelier. Metalwork is minimized to keep the artisan glass at the center of the design.

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