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TLS Proudly Presents Hammerton Studio!

Optic Blown Glass by Hammerton Studio - all made here in the USA!

TLS is thrilled to announce its newest manufacturer partner, Hammerton Studio! Hammerton Studio was conceived in 2014 as a way to bring extraordinary design value in American artisan craftsmanship to the decorative lighting community at large.

Artisans in action blowing glass for the Optic collection!

Built on 25 years of innovative custom lighting experience, Hammerton Studio brings together bespoke collections born of collaborations between Hammerton's design team and renowned interior designers worldwide. Each fixture is handcrafted to your specification in just a few weeks by Hammerton's team of over 100 artisans. All the materials are locally sourced and the end product is a truly unique, American-made work of art! Click here to see our Hammerton Studio gallery highlighting the artists in action and their finished product! Learn more @ or contact us.

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